pink gold

These are the latest earrings of the EXCENTRIQUE collection. As if by magic, a perfect golden ring positions itself on your lobe, and as always, a diamond mounted without setting shivers and vibrates “eccentrically” with each of your movements.


From 1.380 


These earrings, part of the EXCENTRIQUE collection, come in three different diamond weigths : 2 X 0,07 carat each, 2 X 0,10 carat each, 2 X 0,15 carat each and more on special order.
The colour of the natural brilliant cut diamonds is G and its clarity is SI1.
They are mounted without setting (drilled diamonds), on a 18kt pink gold earring.
Each pair is made with a right earring and a left one. It ensures you the perfect position of each diamond when you wear them.
In every giftbox, a certificate of authenticity guarantees the gold title and our diamonds quality.

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