Nude diamond

Because more than ever, “Less is more”.

The 360° diamond

How did the NUDE DIAMOND idea come about? We often get this question which is major as it goes back to the genesis of LA BRUNE ET LA BLONDE.

Inspiration, the very beginning, that moment when it sparkles, it all started with that gesture repeated a thousand times over and perfectly mastered, opening that white paper pouch in which diamonds are kept.

Who hasn’t held their breath when opening such pouch to discover unset diamonds, visible from every angle and whose every facet plays with light?
It’s that grace-filled moment that made us imagine another way of setting diamonds to showcase them in the best possible light. Indeed, when setting a stone, we hinder views of both its profile and its pavilion whose views are as magical as the stone’s table.

Hence that sacrilege yet original solution: piercing the precious gem stone to free it from any kind of setting.
To make it freer.
To make it more brilliant.
To show its every facet.
To make it shiver, quiver, move freely and happily.
This new and revolutionary idea is what we are about, what our brand is about and what our wonderful stones are about.
It is our DNA.

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