Nude diamond

Our original idea in creating diamond jewelry was to reveal the beauty of the ultimate stone, the diamond.
To do so, we freed our precious gems from any kind of setting as to allow them to sparkle in the best possible way.
Indeed, when setting a stone, we hinder views of both its profile and its pavilion whose views are as magical as the stone table's.
The solution first sounded like a sacrilege, piercing the stone To make it freer.
To make it more brilliant.
To show its every facette.
To make it shiver, quiver, move freely and happily.
This new and revolutionary idea is what we are about, what our brand is about and what our wonderful stones are about.
It is our DNA.

le diamant nu, LA BRUNE ET LA BLONDE


Since its creation in 2011, our LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE signature has been the nude diamond with no setting. Thanks to the exclusive process which reveals the diamond brilliance from every angle at 360°, LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE reinvented the solitaire, this timeless jewel to be worn against the skin.

We took our inspiration from the little parcel papers in which diamond dealers keep their precious stones.
Who hasn’t held their breath when opening one these and discovering the bare diamonds, visible from every facet and playing with light ?
A unique moment for a unique stone that we have chosen to offer with our nude unset diamonds.
You’ll never want to take them off, you’ll never take your eyes off them.

From the very start, department stores and the trendiest concept stores alike have trusted LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE. To the buyer’s delight, we have rewritten the jewelry’s codes with our jewels. We are present in more than 100 stores, from Paris to New York, to Tokyo and Beyrouth. The media regularly talks about our brand, calling our concept unique.
In echo to this skin jewelry, our packaging is inspired from luxury cosmetics jars.
If you don’t know us yet, go to one of 100 retailers or better yet pay us a visit.

The Designer - La Brune

Véronique Tournet, an iconoclast with class.

Born in Brive la Gaillarde in Corrèze, Véronique Tournet studied in NICE at SKEMA (formerly CERAM).
Once she got her degree, she went to the US to work for luxury brands before returning to Paris. There she joined the Pilot Pen group, in charge of developing the sublime Japanese lacquered NAMIKI fountain pens. The six years she spent working for this brand developped her taste for elegant and refined simplicity and the quest for perfection.

Which quest naturally lead her to study for a Master Degree in Luxury and work for two of the blue chip Place Vendome Jewelers, namely Mauboussin and Boucheron.
In 2011 she, the "Brunette" created her own brand "LA BRUNE & BLONDE" together with her associate of the times, the "Blond". They boldly decided to free diamonds of any kind of setting and created the pierced diamond.

It has been an awesome eight years of success, creativity, passion, adventure. And you haven't seen it all. Indeed, the best is yet to come. So stay tuned !

Made in France, Atelier, LA BRUNE ET LA BLONDE

Made in France

We are very proud of the fact that all of our jewlery is MADE IN FRANCE. Working with gold demands constant preciseness and great accuracy. Just take a look at the tools our craftsman use.

Why do we insist on having all of our jewels MADE IN FRANCE ?
- first and foremost we want to give expression to the craftsmanship and talent of our artisan jewellers,
- secondly we wish to behave responsibly by favoring local production,
- we also want to leverage our french workshops' ability to react swiftly and catter to our clients' wishes.


All of our "LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE" jewels are sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Such certificate guarantees the gold title (18 carat) and our diamonds quality which is key for our creations beauty.
Color varies between F and G while purity goes from VS1 to VS2.

These two criteria are essential to our NUDE DIAMOND concept as they are the keys to our stones beauty and brilliance.

Showroom, Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris


Located in the heart of Paris, and near the Madeleine square at 5, faubourg Saint Honoré, our offices embody our brand : luminous, luxurious and full of energy.

The logo pink neon that welcomes you in the entrance hall, the fushia color carpet in our reception boudoir and the hula hoops - symbols of our recent HULA HOOP collection - spell it all.

A warm, attentive yet professional welcome awaits you at LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE.